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Life is Good   Leave a comment

Probes Selling

I am feeling amazingly good.

Instead of continuing around the edge of the galaxy I decided to head south to Venal to those Guristas stations.

Spot the Helios

When I finally arrived, I had acute anxiety just before docking. This was fortunately unfounded and I wasted no time in setting up my orders for the probes. At about 2m per unit (bought at < 700k).

And they are selling :)

Life is good.


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Loneliness is such a drag   2 comments

Station in Branch

My progress through Branch was slow but steady. I moved through an area controlled by the RAZOR alliance. I really like their name. But after my recent experiences I could not muster courage to initiate communication.

There was nothing much to report. I was asked if I was an alt. A couple of people chased me. I saw a few stations. I suppose I should have tried to dock- but after having failed with about 10 stations in Deklein and Branch, my motivation to try again was low.


While trying to escape the Loony Toons I had ended up moving towards Tenal. Thus I did not really need to make the decision about which direction to head in. Venal may have been a better choice for my cargo. They really needed probes in Tenal, but as expected, no NPC stations.

The edge of the galaxy is a lonely place. Not that there are no people around, but loneliness is what I feel after being rejected, hunted and treated as an outcast.

As I look at the map and see the path ahead, my motivation to continue alone in this wilderness is at a low.

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