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Jita does this to you.

I’ve had a devious idea. It may not be devious by many standards, but the idea is a deliciously irresistible dream for me. A dream that I want to live. A dream that is likely to remain one, as the plan is fraught with danger. The same danger that I faced a while ago, and that which cowered me into moping around at Jita all this time. I did reasonably well, trading at Jita, but I kept thinking of the Guristas stations in venal. The margins at Jita are nowhere as good as the ones I had made in null sec.


The jump into Tribute at M-OEE8

Thus the plan: to put all I have in the hold, and head to Venal. Again. This time though, I need to stay there for a while to reap the rewards. Am reluctant to reveal exactly what the idea is, as I know that M-OEE8 is my grave, and the death-knell for this doomed plan. It would invite certain disaster, I feel, if I harp about my brilliance prematurely. Especially when the plan is possibly unoriginal (thinking about it), and involves smuggling 420 items, representing my entire assets, through twenty jumps of null, with a bit of low thrown in for good measure. 420 Items that could earn me billions, but (half of) which are more likely to be found in a pirate’s hanger next week.

I feel thoroughly unprepared. I look at my cargo, and have that feeling that I have forgotten something vitally important. Something that will definitely not be available in Venal. I’ve bought all the skills I could, and even anticipated my needs over the next month or two. Am training an entire range of new skills that I will need in Venal, if I am to make something of this plan. At times I despair; there is no need to buy anything at all, as everything I add to the cargo is just an item on a list, in a kill report that will be generated soon.


The path to Doom

Have fiddled with the fit of my covert ops (Helios) multiple times. Am acutely aware, probably unjustifiably, that the ship has low agility. Somehow the ship still feels sluggish, even after using all the low and rig slots for fast maneuvering. I desire a Cheetah. The Minmatar covert ops appears to be fast and agile, somewhat like their fairer sex. Too late now. With the recent change in my training priorities, I have to stick to my Helios for the foreseeable future.

Have not been able to sleep well for the last two nights, now that the departure is imminent. Keep thinking about what I’ll do when I jump into a bubble formation, with multiple ships zooming around. Have envisioned this many times, but I can still feel my heart start to beat fast every time I imagine it. At times, I envision bargaining with the pirates for half my cargo. Though I know that if I’m caught, I will be back in a station before there is chance to say hi, let alone bargain. Need to fix holes, or fill cracks, to keep my mind from wandering.


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A few words about my (Iksormas) background and what happened immediately before I started this journey.

I got my piloting license less than 4 months ago. I was interested in exploration and trained to scan and to fly covert ops. I used an Imicus initially to scout in w-space for some friends.

Soon as I had my hands on my (expensively fit) covert ops frigate, a friendly POS in w-space blew it up!

They (allegedly) readjusted standings etc, and compensated me with an Imicus. Which the POS promptly blew up, as soon as I boarded.

This time they gave me an Imicus in a far away safe spot. And warned me not to come near their POS again :)

This all pissed me off.

Farewell to w-space

This, is when I looked at the star map. And saw my puny signature on the vast and unexplored (k-)galaxy. Wanderlust took over. I couldn’t wait to explore. The Imicus had probes, but I was sick of scanning. I self destructed out of (beautiful) w-space and headed to Jita where this account starts.

I lost my +3 implants when I self destructed. Now I have +2s. I can fly nearly all frigates and Gallente cruisers, industrials, and electronic attack ships. I have no shield/armor skills to speak of. Am currently training for Bomb Deployment.

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Cloning Stations in Deklein

I made my way through Tribute uneventfully. Most of the systems were not well populated. I settled into a routine of bouncing off planets and warping straight to gates in minimally populated systems.

The Sisters probes were selling at nearly twice the cost, but I felt this was too early to sell (Trade at III now).

Active system in Tribute

None of the locals tried to contact me, though many chased me briefly. I came across a station by mistake when I warped to a planet in a densely populated system, but no great excitement.

I moved briefly through Venal and was in Deklein soon enough. I would have patted myself on the back, but I knew this would invite disaster.

I had travelled a fair bit and wanted to dock. Move clone. Fit overdrive. Sell probes.

The map showed a number of stations in Deklein with cloning facilities and I decided to try these.

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The gate camp was at the first jump into null. At the Lonetrek-Tribute crossing.

I was caught in a bubble and there were more than 10 ships all around me. I tried to warp but it would not work. I knew this was the end, and felt sad that my cargo would not make it even one jump into null.

Lonetrek-Tribute Jump

Fortunately I had managed to turn on the cloaking device. Heart thumping, I frantically tried to manoeuvre downwards while ships moved around me.

After an eternity, I felt the atmosphere clear, and I warped out of disaster.

Took a while to regain composure. Sitting in a safe spot, I tinkered with my overview for a while to get it to actually show some useful information.

Time to head onwards.

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T1 Helios :)

While fitting the ship, I impulsively bought 200 Sisters Probes. Am training Trade in hope of selling these for a profit.

I also injected a lot of skills. Everything I could train.

Deklein, at the Edge of the Galaxy

Deklein at the Edge

This has left me with 53 million ISK. Things don’t look so rosy now that most of my money is in the cargo :)

The plan is to get to Deklein, and then travel along the edge of the galaxy, possibly clockwise.

Get the feeling that I’ll be ganked on my first jump into low.

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I looked at Map/Star Map/Stars/My Information/Systems I’ve Visited, and I was inspired to travel.

My signature on the stars

My signature on the stars was a wavy line like an arrow in midflight. It seemed to point towards a line of stars zigzaging its way to the edge of the galaxy.

I had 228 million ISK with covert ops training under my belt and felt prepared. I headed to Jita, which happened to be the tip of the arrow, and fitted a Helios.

That was yesterday. Today I embark towards this beautiful region of stars called Deklein.

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