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Medical Facilities

I forgot to mention something else that I messed up (which you may have guessed).

After all that search for stations with jump clone facilities, I forgot to transfer my clone to null sec. How could I forget?

I remember seeing medical facilities in the Guristas station I docked with. But in my relief, and due to a false sense of security, I forgot.

Maybe it was all for the better. Had I ended up back in Venal, I may have had a tough time finding a new ship and equipping it. In fact I am reconsidering my decision to move my clone to null.

Moving it to Jita may be more useful.


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Probes Selling

I am feeling amazingly good.

Instead of continuing around the edge of the galaxy I decided to head south to Venal to those Guristas stations.

Spot the Helios

When I finally arrived, I had acute anxiety just before docking. This was fortunately unfounded and I wasted no time in setting up my orders for the probes. At about 2m per unit (bought at < 700k).

And they are selling :)

Life is good.

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It took a while for my body to stop reverberating from the emotions of the close encounter.

The enemy left the system as soon as they realized I had escaped. I decided to continue looking for stations to dock. Though it seemed unlikely that I would succeed with player owned stations.

Guristas stations in Venal

I remembered seeing some Guristas stations in Venal. Should have dumped the probes there. One option was to head back to Venal. To transfer clone, and be free of the cargo. But for the time being  (stupidly, I am sure) I decided to go on.

I tried docking at multiple stations, and was again caught in a massive bubble formation protecting entry to 3 systems.

I totally lost direction and kept changing course, till I switched to a far away view.

Caught again!

Fortunately there was just one ship around which warped away. By the time reinforcements arrived, I was nearly out of the massive bubble-formation.

This appeared to be a DEFI4NT area. Before this I had encountered lots of Tau Ceti Federations stations in the middle of the linear Deklein region. I had entered the region in a Tactical Narcotics Team (TNT) controlled area. None of the locals tried to start a conversation or ask why I was there. All I got were things like, “Iksormas in k5. Not in station. Kill.”

The Massive Bubble Formation

Maybe I should tell them that I am a traveller and I mean no harm? I have a feeling that it would make no difference to them. They would perceive me as a threat in any case. Still, it was worth trying. A couple of times at least. Resolved to look for an opportunity.

As I had moved through the region I had seen many Goonswarm members. Many stations had alien (?French) text. I still had not moved my clone or dumped my cargo. Should I return to Venal? Should I jump through to Branch? And land myself in a mother-gatecamp?

From the periphery of my memory came an echo, I am in blood Stepp’d in so far that, should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as go o’er. I (my cargo) was doomed. A slave to my memory.

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Cloning Stations in Deklein

I made my way through Tribute uneventfully. Most of the systems were not well populated. I settled into a routine of bouncing off planets and warping straight to gates in minimally populated systems.

The Sisters probes were selling at nearly twice the cost, but I felt this was too early to sell (Trade at III now).

Active system in Tribute

None of the locals tried to contact me, though many chased me briefly. I came across a station by mistake when I warped to a planet in a densely populated system, but no great excitement.

I moved briefly through Venal and was in Deklein soon enough. I would have patted myself on the back, but I knew this would invite disaster.

I had travelled a fair bit and wanted to dock. Move clone. Fit overdrive. Sell probes.

The map showed a number of stations in Deklein with cloning facilities and I decided to try these.

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